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What is eCommerce or e-Commerce ?


eCommerce is business online. It may be retail or wholesale. It may involve an online shop, shopping cart and checkout solution or some ordering or deal processing system.

It may be between a business and the public or a business-to-business (b2b) scenario.

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Simple payment forms to full online shops

Sometimes a simple Paypal payment form is enough to get your business taking payments online. For larger business with higher sales volumes a fully automated online shop is the right approach.

Get into e-commerce now with Digital Promotions. Stylish, easy-to-use online shops can be developed for a fraction of the cost to set up a physical shop.

We can develop your online shop with shopping cart and checkout or just get you into the online ordering world with credit card booking/ordering via secure servers.

It is a safe, convenient and profitable way to do business.


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