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CMS = Content Management System


What is a CMS ?

A Content Management System (or CMS) is a special type of website with tools that allow the owner to easily and instantly update the site.

What is a Content ?


is any element on a web page. An element can be some text, an image, a link, or a downloadable object, such as an audio or video file, or PDF or Word document.

Advantages of a CMS

  • Benefits to your Google rankings due to changes/updates via our CMS.
  • Display your product and service lines easily
  • Add, modify and remove pages at will.
  • See CMS changes online instantly.
  • Expand the site as and when needed.
  • Never again wait for someone else to make your web updates

Free 1 hour consultation

Contact us now to book a consultation. We are based in Nelson, New Zealand.

Easily upload multimedia files and documents with CMS

Easily upload multimedia files (MS Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, Videos and sound files) and documents for sharing with your online audience or community.

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CMS Training and support

Our Content Management System (CMS) is very easy to use. You receive training and ongoing support.

Don't panic !

If you are too busy to manage your own content or feel you are one of the computer illiterate, then we will be happy to manage your content for you as and when you require.


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